Wednesday, 25 April 2012



Yes, Mars are coming back. When, who knows? Jared's terrible when it comes to actually releasing things when he says he's going to (coughThisIsWarvideocough), but it is most certainly happening, and like the fangirl I truly am, I'm ridiculously excited.

A few things re: the new record.

  1. Jared says it will be  "a dramatic departure from the past" and  "very orchestral, narrative, interactive and even more electronic than previous projects.". Interesting.
  2. Jared's producing it alongside Steve Lillywhite, who has worked with U2 and The Killers, as well as some other producers. 
  3. Mars are currently recording in Hollywood, but will also be recording various bits and bobs live from around the world - in India, Africa, Yosemite, the Californian desert and Europe. Yes, oh yes, I want to be on that album.
  4. They're relaunching The Summit 2.0 as a Facebook and Twitter app, that will offer an insight into the inner workings of the album's creation. Geekgasm.
  5. And, on Friday, get involved with an exclusive live show, preview of the tour film coming soon (there's Jared's timekeeping for you again), AND a discussion with the band. Tickets for that badger are, yours for $9.99.
Well, this sounds bloody amazing all round really. I've never come across a band with such a good relationship with their fans, to the extent where they become a large part of a new album. Geekgasming everywhere, still.

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