Sunday, 29 July 2012


I wrote that title with a West Country accent in my head. Kinda how I imagined hobbits spoke before the LOTR did my mental imagery for me. Think Sean Astin as Sam. I digress. I've been having some entertaining dealings with some Youtube trolls over Muse's Survival; initially, I said

"I will never care what haters say regarding this. Most Musers seem to love it, myself among them, does anything else actually matter?"

To which I had the well-though-out and relevant response of

"because you musers would love a music video of bellamy sucking a homeless guys **** if they made one"

I and a few other users had a bit of fun having a go at this guy's various comments along the same lines, but it got me thinking. A little while ago I was a bit of a dick about several bands and things (you won't find the post), and the tone of that post is something I regret. 

Recently I've had a mass clearout of my iTunes library, realising that there was a whole heap of music that I didn't like or listen to any more, and it's since been replaced with a multitude of stuff that I do like. At first I was very derisive about the bands I'd got rid of, but I realised that there was no point in doing so. I think it's taken me a little too long to consider phases of musical taste properly - before, I've gone through phases of different genres, and upon moving through them to something different, I've looked back and said to myself "what the funkadoodle was I thinking?". But that's not the point, because you DID like them at one point, and so they meant something to you. That meaning may not be relevant to you any more, but don't regret it or nuthin', because that music was there for you when you needed it. Unless, of course, there are some really dire, meaningless moments in your musical history, in which case, sit down have a serious talk with yourself. LOL. I had a Westwood compilation once...

There are always going to be bands/artists that people dislike/vehemently hate/desire for them to be burned from the face of the Earth, leaving naught but a pile of bloodied ashes, so I'm not saying that I think every band should be liked, or even tolerated. For example, I detest Lostprophets and Coldplay (just two examples). Feel free to express your dislike, but (and here's the crux of the post), don't be a dick about it. There're too many pointless arguments, where people who don't like certain bands/artists and tell the people who do about their opinion in terrible English. This goes for lots of things in life, but I'm keeping it in a musical context here. So what I'm trying to do is not be a massive tool when it comes to disliking music. It'll still happen, nobody's perfect, but I'ma try and keep it to a minimum. Don't go onto Youtube and comment on stuff you don't like, it's a pointless waste of time, and potentially spoils it for the people who the music is meant for - the fans. 

If there's anyone you think might need this as reading material, share, share and share away. And summing up my entire post here is this, one of the greatest (and mildly annoying, but meh) videos on Youtube;

Sunday, 22 July 2012

JUST KEEP PACKING, JUST KEEP PACKING, WHAT DO WE DO WE PACK, PACK...'s kinda dominating my life...I'm moving house at the end of the month, so things have been a bit mad here in Chez Le Noise, so blogging time has been small. I may have also spent a lot of time watching the Tour de France. First British winner mofos! Regardless...

I made a small playlist - a song from each of the albums I've been listening to the most and keeping me sane over the mad o'le time that this has been. Bit of a mix of things in there, some metal, some more indie/poppy stuff, give it a listen and I hope you find something new you like. My personal favourite out of the lot is 1982 by Scraps (Bandcamp player below the Spotify playlist) - listen to the whole album Golden Scraps, it's wonderful quirky synthpop stuff. I heard 1982 on BBC 6 Music (who I've decided I want to work for) and apparently it's a love song for robots in films who could never get the girl. Adorable. But anyway, listen to my little selection, and hopefully you'll enjoy something from it.

Tuesday, 17 July 2012


I'm not suggesting things like that chainmail you have in the wardrobe ahead of a night out in Ipswich, don't be silly. Unless of course, you are doing the aforementioned.

I am however referring to Italy's finest export since...erm...maybe just one of Italy's finest musical exports full stop, metal outfit Ready, Set, Fall!

You know how bands send you PMs on Youtube saying "hey, check out my band!" and most of the time, you don't? RSF! sent me one, but I actually watched it, and I am so glad I did, because they are bloody epic.

They have 1 EP under their belt, with an album on the way, but this is their new single Labyrinth, which is...well, brilliant. I hope they come to the UK soon, or Spain from October onward. And if they come anywhere near you, go and see them!

Friday, 13 July 2012


As a devout Muser, this makes me happy.

September 17...


I've thought for so long that Nina Simone's Feeling Good was the original...I never realised it was originally written for a musical, The Roar Of The Greasepaint and The Smell Of The Crowd. Go figure.

I may not, for the most part, like musical, but it doesn't make any impact of my opinion on the song; it's still my favourite song of all time, alongside Muse's version.

Thursday, 12 July 2012


I can understand if you're dubious. I certainly was. I promise it's legit, and I'm not being paid by anybody. But the story goes, I went shopping for headphones, because I get through them faster than Usain Bolt on speed. Found some in HMV for a fiver, because at the rate I get through them it's not worth spending a lot more. I get home and crack them open, to find a card inside that reads


I was, as mentioned, dubious. Nonetheless, I checked out the site,, and signed up for a free 14-day trial, which entitled me to £21 free credit to downloads on the site. At 42p per track, that is in fact 50 free songs*. I treated myself to some Rolo Tomassi, Mastodon's first EP, Young Guns' Bones, The Chariot's Long Live and While She Sleeps' first release The North Stands For Nothing. So with all this music, effectively for free, I was pretty happy, but unwilling to pay any more. Thus, I went to cancel my account, wherein I got 

"STOP! WAIT! If you come back we'll give you an extra £5 credit"

Which I did. Bought Mariachi El Bronx's first album, before cancelling my account again. So I direct you once again towards

Hopefully it'll work for you, and you should get yourself £26 worth of free music. Remember to cancel though. Now, I'm going to try and find my other debit card and treat myself again. Toodles.

*And cheaper than iTunes...

Tuesday, 10 July 2012


Live from London's Astoria in 2004. MAYHEM. A full 67 minutes. 

Say what you like, Slipknot have one of the most intense live shows around.


If I'm perfectly honest, my initial reaction of new Muse track Survival was not entirely favourable. I didn't hate it as such, just didn't know how I felt.

My how times change.

I can honestly say I love it, and I can't wait to witness it live. It's over-the-top, bombastic, ridiculous, rifftastic, everything that makes Muse Muse. And if you're not a fan, well...

You tell 'em, Bells. Bring on The 2nd Law, I can't wait. 
On a slightly different note, this here playlist was created by It's A Muse Thing, You Wouldn't Understand on FaceyB. Listen and enjoyez. 

Monday, 9 July 2012


Because I just find them so DULL nowadays. Herpaderpderp.

Songs About Jane was a great album. I still really like it. They were quite rocky, with the songs like Tangled, Shiver, Not Coming Home and of course Harder To Breathe, but then had some awesome songs like Sunday Morning, which remains one of my favourite songs ever. But basically, the album was great.

And now? Atrocities like Moves Like Jagger. It's just...aghhh. With Christina Aguilera. And now Payphone with Wiz Flippin' Khailfa? They're just pop now! What happened to you, Adam? Man, you used to be hip and with it. Now they're just BORING. Maroon's far too interesting a colour to associate with them. 


Monday, 2 July 2012


Big thanks to Cold Summer for getting in touch, even if I did make a bit of a muppet out of myself by cluelessly responding "what site?" to the question "can you review our EP and put it on your site?". That aside, if you are in a band, or know people who are, that have material to review, then get in touch and throw it my way. Anyway.

**** 4 stars

Wake is the second EP under the belts of melodic post-hardcore outfit Cold Summer. Blending together influences of several different styles, they've created an EP that shows a well-developed sound, considering their first release Transitions only came out in January.

One of the first things that stands out about Wake is that it is chock-full of mighty fine riffage. The guitar work across the 5 tracks (well, 4-tracks-and-an-interlude) is pretty stellar stuff, bringing the heavy right when it is needed - case and point, opening song Waiting. It starts with a brooding bass riff, building with the drums and then hitting you in the face with the guitar - it's great. So there's overall plenty of heavy, but equally there are melodic tones that lend a certain depth to it, namely from closing track Mistakes, which keeps up the clean tones throughout this quieter track.

This balance between heavy and melodic is reflected in the vocals as well, frequently switching between Gallows-y punk screams/shouts and softer tones. These are generally strong, and should develop into even stronger tones as the band itself develops and puts out more releases. 

Overall this is a fine effort, and for a band in its apparent youth, is remarkably well-developed - they've taken post-hardcore and put their own slant on it, keeping the heavy side of things apparent but making sure the melodic aspect isn't an afterthought. I look forward to hearing more from these guys in the future.

Get the EP for free from Cold Summer's Bandcamp, or listen and download here;