Thursday, 12 July 2012


I can understand if you're dubious. I certainly was. I promise it's legit, and I'm not being paid by anybody. But the story goes, I went shopping for headphones, because I get through them faster than Usain Bolt on speed. Found some in HMV for a fiver, because at the rate I get through them it's not worth spending a lot more. I get home and crack them open, to find a card inside that reads


I was, as mentioned, dubious. Nonetheless, I checked out the site,, and signed up for a free 14-day trial, which entitled me to £21 free credit to downloads on the site. At 42p per track, that is in fact 50 free songs*. I treated myself to some Rolo Tomassi, Mastodon's first EP, Young Guns' Bones, The Chariot's Long Live and While She Sleeps' first release The North Stands For Nothing. So with all this music, effectively for free, I was pretty happy, but unwilling to pay any more. Thus, I went to cancel my account, wherein I got 

"STOP! WAIT! If you come back we'll give you an extra £5 credit"

Which I did. Bought Mariachi El Bronx's first album, before cancelling my account again. So I direct you once again towards

Hopefully it'll work for you, and you should get yourself £26 worth of free music. Remember to cancel though. Now, I'm going to try and find my other debit card and treat myself again. Toodles.

*And cheaper than iTunes...

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