Monday, 2 July 2012


Big thanks to Cold Summer for getting in touch, even if I did make a bit of a muppet out of myself by cluelessly responding "what site?" to the question "can you review our EP and put it on your site?". That aside, if you are in a band, or know people who are, that have material to review, then get in touch and throw it my way. Anyway.

**** 4 stars

Wake is the second EP under the belts of melodic post-hardcore outfit Cold Summer. Blending together influences of several different styles, they've created an EP that shows a well-developed sound, considering their first release Transitions only came out in January.

One of the first things that stands out about Wake is that it is chock-full of mighty fine riffage. The guitar work across the 5 tracks (well, 4-tracks-and-an-interlude) is pretty stellar stuff, bringing the heavy right when it is needed - case and point, opening song Waiting. It starts with a brooding bass riff, building with the drums and then hitting you in the face with the guitar - it's great. So there's overall plenty of heavy, but equally there are melodic tones that lend a certain depth to it, namely from closing track Mistakes, which keeps up the clean tones throughout this quieter track.

This balance between heavy and melodic is reflected in the vocals as well, frequently switching between Gallows-y punk screams/shouts and softer tones. These are generally strong, and should develop into even stronger tones as the band itself develops and puts out more releases. 

Overall this is a fine effort, and for a band in its apparent youth, is remarkably well-developed - they've taken post-hardcore and put their own slant on it, keeping the heavy side of things apparent but making sure the melodic aspect isn't an afterthought. I look forward to hearing more from these guys in the future.

Get the EP for free from Cold Summer's Bandcamp, or listen and download here;

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