Monday, 9 April 2012


I'd like to bring to your attention a band that I don't think enough people know about, considering the frankly incredible skill of the band members. Animals As Leaders are among my favourite bands, and to try and describe their genre would do them no justice (although I'm going to try anyway) - they are, broadly, epic prog metal/djent with classical/jazz/electronic influences. Told you it did them no justice. Bear with me.

The brainchild of possibly the world's best guitarist (just watch some videos of him on Youtube), Tosin Abasi, alongside fellow guitarist Javier Reyes, they (I think) push the boundaries of the sounds that guitars can make. Equally, drummer Navene Koperweis is simply brilliant. There are so many variations in time signatures (which I understand remarkably little of, for a bassist), in sounds and styles, they are simply one of the best bands out there. Did I mention they're entirely instrumental, so no vocals to get in the way of stellar guitar work? 16 strings, some skins and some synths, it's amazing.

Don't be put off my the inclusion of the word 'metal' in my description, many of their songs are softer and contain some quite beautiful melodies; listen to Behaving Badly or On Impulse from their debut self-titled LP which is a superb album. Their second, Weightless, is also excellent but I don't think it's quite on the same level as their first.

And so I leave you with the song that got me into the band, CAFO. Enough shredding to make your face fall off (just listen to how many notes are contained within the first 10 seconds), and IMO their best song. You're welcome.

UPDATE: I forgot about their upcoming European support slot with Meshuggah! Hopefully I'm gonna be at the Waterfront in Norwich to see them, let me know if you're there!

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