Friday, 13 April 2012


Sat with Folie A Deux on, and I realise how much I miss them. They were such a good band - Patrick's voice, which is one of the best in rock music (in my humble opinion), Pete's clever lyricism, his occasional out-of-place screams, his mad bass skills*, Joe's big-ass hair, the fact that Andy was an epic metal drummer in reality... And then also the fact that they were so good at making catchy rock. Sugar We're Goin' Down. Dance, Dance. I Don't Care. This Ain't A Scene. The cover of Beat It. The hidden gem that is Pavlove. Grand Theft Autumn. All of them anthemic. I could go on.

I remember going to see them at the O2 a few years back, right before they went on hiatus, and it was brilliant, even though I still didn't understand gigs at that point and left when they left the stage, only to hear their encore as I walked out...

So, basically, FOB. Pay attention. You've done your solo thangs. Now GET BACK TOGETHER.


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