Thursday, 19 April 2012


Yes, I'm a few days behind, but I still thought I'd give my two cents. Not that it's a culturally relevant phrase, me being English. This is just my essay head talking. Ignore it.

So, they're back. This is the first we've heard since A Thousand Suns, which I loved. Remove the fact that it sounds nothing like older LP and just appreciate it from a musical perspective, and I think it's a fantastic album, a really interesting experiment in style. Sure it got hate, but haters gonna hate, you know? Every band needs that stage in their life, to try out something new to stop themselves being pigeonholed into being a set, defined genre, and they've had that stage, taken positives and negatives away from it and come out the other side a better band.

That aside, Burn It Down is itself a great track, and the sound LP have now is one that has matured, I'd say, into something really quite excellent. They've taken elements of the experimental phase and fused it into their already developing sound into something polished. I look forward to June, when their new album Living Things is released.

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