Tuesday, 22 May 2012


I recently talked about my newfound love of metalcore outfit The Chariot, but there is another band I can now add to that list - While She Sleeps, another export of what seems to be the UK's prime metal scene in Sheffield. Seriously, what is it with the North?

I'm just loving them at the moment, they've got depth, don't rely too heavily on generic breakdowns (but do them so well when they do happen), powerful vocals - they just make great metal. Dare I say it, the best new metal act in the UK right now. There are aspects that remind me of Cancer Bats, Architects and BMTH to name a few, but they're distinctive in their own right.

They have an album on the way (August 6th) called This Is The Six, a current single of the same name, a track entitled Dead Behind The Eyes available for free download from Facebook, and the EP The North Stands For Nothing. Great band, with a whole wealth of live dates upcoming on the UK festival scene, as well as some abroad - get in on it. I'm gonna try go see them before I jet off to Spain in September or whatever.

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