Friday, 4 May 2012


Today brings with it the sad news that Fei Comodo are no more. In an official statement, the band said that 

"For a number of reasons beyond our control, it has taken around 3 very long years to get this album released. Over that period we have grown a lot as friends and as a band and although we are pleased to finally be releasing ‘Behind The Bright Lights’ for you all to hear, we simply are not that band anymore and can no longer pretend to be. The reality is that in the time that has passed between us recording this album in November 2009 and releasing it now in 2012 we’ve changed both as a band & as people. To continue when we’re not 100% into what were doing is just not possible for us any longer."

It will be sad to not see them progress any further, so FC, you will be missed. 

They will be taking to the road at the end of July, putting back the original dates, and the album Behind The Bright Lights will be out soon, although an official date is still tbc. In the meantime, go listen to EPs They All Have Two Faces and The Life They Lead on Spotify, or just the video for Break The Ice from They All Have Two Faces.

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