Monday, 7 May 2012


Too often I find myself sticking an album on when I'm doing something like tidying yo-yo of chaos that is my room, cooking etc, and I don't really give them the full attention they often deserve. That's why every now and then, I just stick on an album I haven't listened to in forever, and just sit and listen to it in full. I think it's a really brilliant way to spend time, if like me, you have time to kill. It is a bank holiday, after all... 

Today, I've listened to Rolo Tomassi's first album Hysterics, which is utterly great. I think Rolo are vastly underrated, because I believe they're true pioneers in the British rock scene, and no band I've ever listened to sound remotely like them, yet they just don't seem to be as big as they deserve for such musically creative minds. And the 14 minute Fantasia at the end is prog genius. I accept that they are something of an acquired taste, to put it one way, as Eva's screams are, well, brutal, and put some metalcore etc bands to shame. But the songs are so cleverly layered with all the synths, guitars, soft and screamed vox, the creation is something to just sit and lose yourself in. So, my recommendation for the day, Rolo Tomassi's Hysterics. 

Hmmm...what to listen to now? 

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