Sunday, 27 May 2012


But in reality I've been geeking out playing Metal Gear Solid 3 for days now. That's my flimsy excuse anyway. 

Sooo...I'm just going to publish my Newton Faulkner review up here, as it's been 2 weeks since the gig. I also have a handful of single reviews I've done for SoundNorfolk as well, from bands I've never even heard of in Feist, 2:54, Last Dinosaurs and (well, I'd sort of heard of these guys) Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs, so check them out and discover something new. What is it with the word Dinosaur in band names?

I'm also rather excited that my Japanese Voyeurs CD is on its way. Being slightly music-hipstery here, I'm happy because only 250 copies of the B-Sides and Rarities album are being made, and I'll have one - I shall review it upon arrival. I also found a hand-drawn (well, hand-drawn originally, then photocopied) JV poster which I may do some form of giveaway for at some point, maybe in conjunction with the CD's arrival.

Just proving I'm still alive to any of you who kindly follow this on a regularish basis. x

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