Monday, 21 May 2012


Normally, I don't believe in slating bands, because most slating is opinion based and therefore just what someone thinks. But there are a few bands I truly hate and feel content to rant about. Lostprophets are one of these.

They're just so generally shit. I will state, for the record now, that I like a few of their songs. Shinobi vs Dragon Ninja, We Are Godzilla You Are Japan are among them, but they're so few and far between that I can't remember half of them. But they have the remarkable ability to put me off a song of theirs in its opening seconds. 

First on that list is Rooftops, which is so irritating. Particularly when paired with the video, creates that w*nk opening shot of Ian Watkins looking like the pretentious c*ck he is standing, on a rooftop, with his top hat, cane and general air of w*nkerishness. They all seem a bit knobbish, but Watkins shines over them all with his tw*ttery. Take one scene in the Where We Belong video, where it focuses on him, for a good couple of seconds, checking his obscene fringe in a mirror. Gah, you pretentious pr*ck. 

They've achieved as much as Rooftops again with their new 'un We Bring An Arsenal. Good God. I mean, come on, it's a massive pile of w*nk. I could barely stand until the first chorus, it was so annoying. Them all chanting a very football-esque bunch of words-that-aren't-words, way-oh way-oh na na naaaa, na na naa. And then they're all being all matesy, laughing as they laddishly jump on each others shoulders and chant. It's all so cliched. 

I could go on for a while, and I acknowledge they do, as most bands do, have their redeeming features - I've heard their live show's pretty fun, and as I've said, I like a few of their song. However, these don't make me like them as a whole entity. I wouldn't care if they never made music again. 

Rant over. Sorry, I do go on a bit when I get a good rant going.

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