Tuesday, 5 June 2012


This just in!

2 bits of news from WATO;

  1. Lead vocalist Dan Brown has left the band. In an official statement, the band have said: "It is with much regret that we announce the departure of vocalist Dan Brown from We Are The Ocean. Dan has been our best friend and band member for over five years now. However, throughout the demoing and recording of our new album, we have been faced with the difficult realisation that the band's and Dan's creative futures are not the same.

    Dan and the band had a meeting recently where Dan agreed that his passion lies behind the scenes as a manager, as opposed to musically. We felt we would be doing him, ourselves and, most importantly, you our fans a massive disservice if we did not acknowledge this fact immediately.

    Dan will always be a part of the We Are The Ocean family. We wouldn't be where we are without Dan's contribution, commitment and drive.

    Our new album is nearly finished and we can honestly say it will be our best to date. As a four piece, we are now extremely excited about what the future holds for us. We intend to keep delivering the best music we possibly can. See you at Download!"
  2. They have a new song out, which you can listen to below, entitled Bleed.
Well...in many ways I'm not surprised to see Dan leaving the band - his vocal style has changed a great deal from their early EP days, and has mellowed considerably as the band's sound has developed, and maybe it's a case of that just not being a direction he wanted to go in. It'll be good to see him still involved managerially though. 
In terms of the song, I really liked it, and I'm now looking forward to the new album. Their previous one just wasn't as good as Cutting Our Teeth, which was a brilliant debut, and I lost interest in them after the second record. But they're sounding good (to me) again, and who knows, maybe they'll go the way of Deaf Havana and make it really big after losing the scream-type vocalist?

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