Sunday, 23 September 2012


I'll be back to the reviewing front tres soon; I've been quiet recently on account of 1. personal laziness (because listening to music then writing my opinion is SO difficult) 2. preparation to go abroad...which is happening the 27th. 4 days! ARGH.

But I'm queuing up a few reviews; One Wing by The Chariot, Gallows by, well, Gallows, Coexist by The xx, Battle Born by The Killers, and of course my most anticipated release of this year, The 2nd Law by Muse, which is out a week tomorrow. 

I'm also switching from a 0-5 star rating system to a 0-10 number system, because I think it's more representative.

And, I do plan to expand THE NOISE into Spanish upon my arrival, to open it up to everyone there. And then maybe French, because my housemate for the coming year is French and I'd like to brush up, and Catalan, because I'm going to Catalonia in Spain and they're veryyyyy independent. 

Hasta luego. EL RUIDO x

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