Wednesday, 10 October 2012


You may/may not know that the lineup for the 2013 Kerrang! Tour was announced today, aforementioned lineup consisting of;

  1. Fearless Vampire Killers
  2. Tonight Alive
  3. Chiodos
  4. Black Veil Brides
That last one there has caused the trolls to come out in force. The others seem well-chosen; I don't like FVK, but as an upcoming band a slot where they are seems justified. Tonight Alive are pretty good, and Chiodos are again not my thang but a band with a lot of history and a lot of love. But BVB are the Marmite band of the year - and you thought they wore black make-up. More the fool you. But regardless, they seem to be bitterly hated or adored, with very little inbetween. A general opinion is that BVB are so terrible that they do not deserve to be on the bill at all, and that all members should go and die in a hole. Whoah there Nelly! 

It's cool man, don't sweat it. But I digress. I am not a fan of BVB's music, it's not my cup of tea. But, I have seen them live (I got free tickets, mind), and they do a decent live show, but the thing is - they believe in their fans, who reciprocate most vociferously. They mean a lot to their fans, and the amount the band appear to give back to these fans is admirable. So I applaud them, and it justifies their existence in making music that means something to people - that is the meaning of music, at least to me, seeing as I have 2 tattoos (and counting) both of which pertain to certain bands. BUT...

I think they are massively over-rated. The way they've effectively exploded into popularity is again admirable, but I don't think they're well established enough to headline the likes of the K! Tour, which in previous years has had excellent bands - Going way back, the likes of Biffy, The Bronx, Coheed, BFMV and BMTH, among other brilliant bands (I'm sure the latter will divide opinion but I love BMTH's most recent album) and last year had New Found Glory, The Blackout (replacing Sum 41), letlive. and While She Sleeps. There are some pretty big names there, and personally I wouldn't say that BVB fit that criteria yet. 

They deserve to play, but I don't think with such high billing - there are bands with much wider appeal who could headline. 

And for the record, if I could choose this year's lineup I would pick;
  1. Marmozets
  2. Blitz Kids
  3. Bury Tomorrow
  4. Gallows

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