Tuesday, 18 December 2012



Killswitch Engage have slated a release date for their as-yet-untitled 6th studio album, and it will land in April 2013. It'll also be the first album in a decade to feature new/old vocalist Jesse Leach, who recently replaced Howard Jones as mic-man after singing on KsE's first 2 albums.

Consider this; Jesse's last album, Alive Or Just Breathing, is widely accepted as a classic of the 21st century in metal. So;

“I came off tour I was filled with energy, ready to go, we knocked out a bunch of stuff. I had joined the band, the record was there, we’re on tour so I really didn’t have time to write. I took the past two months not only recording but writing so I’m there with an idea, being in the other room writing and going to Adam saying, ‘Here’s my idea I just wrote, what do you think?’ So there’s real spontaneity some of the songs that we just finished up. I had maybe five or six solid ideas when I came off tour and the rest had to be developed as we were recording it. It was exciting but at the same time tough because for me I’m digging deep down into my emotions and my psyche trying to come up with stuff that is honest and emotive and relevant, hopefully for the listener. It’s tiring but well worth, anything that’s worth achieving you got to suffer a little bit for it. I think mentally and spiritually and a little bit physically we were suffering but all of that made for an amazing record that I’m really proud of.” (Jesse Leach, speaking to Loudwire)

With those words behind this album, coupled with how good AoJB was...we could be in for a stunner.

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