Monday, 17 December 2012

WEEK IN REVIEW; 10/12/12 - 16/12/12

So, in case you missed any posts from this last week (there weren't many, to be fair), this is the first of what I hope to instate as weekly round-ups. So heeeeere we go!

  • theNOISE expanded into the realms of it's own social media accounts; I'm now on Twitter as @yesthisisnoise, and you can follow/Tweet posts using the above ^ buttons. Google Plus happened as well, but I don't get it so... Facebook and MySpace are to follow soon, and I have every intention to begin occasional vlogs, so a YouTube account may also see the light of day.
  • You can also get in touch with me via email, at
  • Review-wise, I put out my views on new albums by Rolo Tomassi and Parkway Drive (btdubs, they're both great albums. What does btdubs even refer to?). I even got retweets from Rolo and PWD's shouty man Winston, which was awesome in a nerdy, internet way.
  • And finally, because it was only a quiet week, the only news item I deigned to report was the addition of the mighty Mastodon to Download Festival 2013.
Ok, so that was a brief week in review! Stay tuned this coming week for reviews of Marmozets, Blitz Kids, Deftones, a long-overdue review of Muse live in Madrid, among others!

Only 8 days until Christmas now (like you didn't know), so to help you stay festive, here's Corey Taylor's X-M@$!

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