Thursday, 14 February 2013


Although I may have not made it entirely obvious, I am prone to melodrama once in a while. I know, right? Who'd a-thunk it?

On point now - the other night, I was chatting with top bloke and fellow bloggatarian Rob, who runs the Dethblog (in no way affiliated with Metalocalypse). We were discussing reviewing, how much we both hate Bullet For My Valentine's new album Temper Temper (his review/my review), and mainly how we'd both hit a lull in stuff we wanted to write about. And thus came the idea (my wisdom, incidentally) of reviewing older albums, specifically the most important albums in our lives - the albums that we credit for making us who we are now, which fundamentally is fans of rock and metal.

So, while Rob's already knocked out an excellent review of Metallica's classic Ride The Lightning, I'll be delving into my own musical history in the very near future. Because I'm lazy, y'know? Within the collection of records I'll be looking at are releases by Muse, Queens Of The Stone Age and Mastodon, as well as some slightly more obscure ones that I'm still considering.

Stay tuned Noiselets! Tom out x

P.S. Whilst we shamelessly plug each other, allow me to recommend you the band Voragan, for which Rob is the guitarist. Long-time fans of theNOISE (hahahahahahaha) may even remember my review of their debut EP Chaos Dreams. There's so much plugging going on here and I don't even care. But check them out all the same.

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