Tuesday, 5 February 2013


The above is the second cryptic message posted by Queens Of The Stone Age in rock press - this one in Uncut, the first in Mojo. But it got me thinking about the new album, and how several factors are going to make it magnificent. 
  • Guests; there's a whole host of frankly awesome talent appearing on the album:
    • Dave Grohl is handling drum duty.
    • Former bassist Nick Oliveri is lending vocals.
    • Long-time guest vocalist Mark Lanegan is also contributing.
    • Nine-Inch-Nails mastermind Trent Reznor will be on the record.
    • And finally, Jake Shears of Scissor Sisters is singing too.
  • Don't forget that the first three were all part of Songs For The Deaf, which I still hold to be one of the greatest rock albums of at least the 21st Century (or perhaps ever). 
  • This quote; "Doing the rehearsals for the first record is really defining the new one. It's been turning the new record into something else. What we were doing was kind of bluesy, and now it's turned into this trancey, broken thing. The robots are back!"
  • Basically saying that they're in a mindset similar to the debut, which was superb. That + natural band development = fuck yeah. I mean, they haven't made a bad album, really. Era Vulgaris was probably the least amazing, but that's oxymoronic.
  • They still fucking rock, even outside QOTSA. Take Them Crooked Vultures, uniting Josh Homme and Grohl. Trent Reznor's been on-song with How To Destroy Angels and his work on the Girl With the Dragon Tattoo soundtrack, and Mark Lanegan is always good. It's also impossible not to like Scissor Sisters on some level.
  • I'll admit I was surprised to see Nick Oliveri in the equation, what with his problems with the law. Musically it's good to see him there, though morally I'm not sure. 
Basically, this album is going to kick arse. If it's not this year's best album then I shall consume fashionable headwear until the cows come home. At the very least, I'm most excited about this album over any other coming out this year. 

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