Monday, 23 April 2012


(Moderately) bold statement time: Enter Shikari are THE best British band around at the moment, and one of the best ever.

People will argue that Noel Gallagher and his High Flying Berks are amazing. Maybe Arctic Monkeys, Mumford and Sons, etc. I have nothing against those last 2, but I don't think they stand up to the might of Shikari. I even believe that for a band with a sound as diverse as theirs, which is bound to draw criticism from people for being a mess of different genres or something, the success they've had is truly phenomenal, and they will in time deserve to stand up with the legends of British music. 

A Flash Flood of Colour held the number 1 album spot on release week for 6 days I think, only falling right at the end. Falling to 4th though, which is hardly a negligible achievement. Consider their opponents, the cream of Britain's mainstream music scene*, and Shikari, a band not enough people knew about - it's incredible. 

And well deserved, AFFOC is utterly brilliant, and it's going to take a simply stunning record to dislodge that from my favourite album of this year (and it's got a place in my all time favourites now)**. The way they go about making the music they do is brilliant, and they blend genres so well that it is a truly unique sound - you try mixing hardcore, dubstep, D'n'B, indie etc - that is so distinctive. The only other band I can think of with a sound as 'out-there' as them are the vastly underrated Rolo Tomassi. 

And, on top of that (aside from the music), the work they do is epic. Getting right at the forefront of addressing world issues, but without being pretentious (coughBonocoughGeldof). Check out Step Up clothing, created by Rou.

I love Enter Shikari. They're frankly amazing. These are the reasons why they should win at everything, forever. You should love them too, if you already don't. I'm done.

*This is not some form of hipster 'f*ck the mainstream' rant
**Step up (as it were) Muse. I want an amazing album from you.

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