Sunday, 22 April 2012


Recently, in an ongoing quest to search for the best music to work to, I was put onto the idea of soundtracks by my housemate. A lot are classical, or at the very least, free of vocals, which I find to be the most distracting thing. Since then, I've found several to work to, but some I'm now just listening to for the pure enjoyment of them, because some are just fantastically written pieces of music.

My favourites so far that I can recommend (all on Spotify);
  • Moon by Clint Mansell
  • LOTR: ROTK, the Complete Recordings by Howard Shore
  • True Grit by Carter Burwell
  • Inception by Hans Zimmer
These are my only ones so far (I discovered Moon today, which incidentally is a BRILLIANT film, I recommend highly, with a moodily haunting soundtrack), I have them all on a Spotify playlist here; Soundtracks
It's an open playlist, so feel free to add anything that you think is good, or leave a comment if it's not on Spotify.

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