Friday, 20 April 2012


Jesus Christ I'm slow on the uptake. I only learned today of the demise of Japanese Voyeurs (which happened March 8th), who were a truly fantastic band. It's a great, great shame that a band with so much promise and potential were forced to call it a day, because their one album Yolk was such a quality, distinctive record, they had a very unique sound. 

They still live on in various different bands; drummer Steve now plays for Hawkeyes, bassist Johnny is in Dinosaur Pile Up, while Romily makes things for her brand 'Heavy Child', and as for the other two, " Rikki will be playing with wood and Tom will be playing with himself."  

They're hoping to do a final show sometime, unless I'm completely obtuse and missed it I'll keep posted with info as and when. To lead us out, here is Cry Baby.

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