Saturday, 23 June 2012


I've begun the long and drawn-out process of tidying my room so I can start packing, as I move out of my Norwich house in a week. Which makes me sad.

While digging through my stuff, I came across a few CDs that I'd been given to review, and I thought to myself; I'd already intended to do a giveaway, so why not add these into the bargain? So it is now, in effect, a Japanese Voyeurs Giveaway Now With Other CDs That Aren't Japanese Voyeurs But Are Still Good.

My question to you is the devilish: What is the name of Japanese Voyeurs' first and only album?

The prize is:

  • Japanese Voyeurs 'B-Sides & Rarities' 40/250 - a 10 track album, one of only 250 ever made, containing bonus unreleased songs by the band, celebrating their too-brief existence after their split in March.
  • Japanese Voyeurs 'Slimeball Comics' Volume Four
  • Japanese Voyeurs 'Yolk Tour' Winter 2011 Tour Poster - again, part of a limited run of hand-drawn posters for their tour last October/November. It's a B&W photocopy that the band sent out to fans with the view that fans could colour them in as desired, but as they sent 2 I have a spare.
  • The Horrible Crowes 'Elsie' - debut album by the side-project of The Gaslight Anthem frontman Brian Fallon and his guitar tech Ian Perkins. My favourite album of last year, read the 5* review I wrote for SoundNorfolk for it here.
  • Deaf Havana 'Fools & Worthless Liars' album sampler - 5 tracks from their excellent album, read my review here.
  • Four Year Strong 'Stuck In The Middle' single - read my review here.
Ok, I think that's everything. I might add things to it if/as I find them, but please share this around to anyone who would appreciate it, I want this to work! I will love you for sharing it. Send your answers with your name to (don't spam me) and I will pick a winner in 3 weeks' time, on Sunday 15th July. x

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