Monday, 25 June 2012


There's a lot of skin in that photo, but at least there's no nipple. Only just.

After many years of waiting/mustering up enough courage, I went and got a bit of the Absolution artwork indelibly inked on my shoulder. I love it and could not be happier.

People decry band tattoos (and tattoos in general) largely on the basis of something like "well, you won't always like the band, so what's the point? You'll just regret it." These people clearly do not understand Musers. Absolution is my favourite album of all time. It was the album that got me into rock - I had never heard a single song by them, but I'd heard the album existed because I'd heard Muse referred to on Radio 1 (I thought it was spelt Mews for crying out loud). So I bought it, loved it, bought more Muse, fell irreversibly in love with them, and here I am now, still just as mad about them - when I found out I had tickets, I squealed like a small child and couldn't sleep for 3 hours. 

But more than my adoration of the Devonshire gods, they inspired me so much musically - I wouldn't be half as good at the bass as I am now were it not for them (I'm so modest, I know). But seriously, learning Muse songs taught me so much technique that I owe them a lot. 

In summary, I owe the band an awful lot. Inspiration on a musical level, overwhelming happiness on the 2-soon-3 times I have seen them, appreciation of rock music which opened the floodgates to the wealth of random crap I listen to now - I don't think I'll ever regret it. Even if, in later life, it doesn't mean as much to me as it does now, I can look back and remember the period in my life when it was important. Besides, it's my first - there's sentiment to that too. 

Final note: if you're getting tattoos done in the Norwich area, go to Factotum Body Mods. They did mine, and the place is brilliant.

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