Monday, 25 June 2012


I always forget how good Muse's first album is. I've been on a bit of a Muse hype this afternoon because of my new tattoo (do tell me if I go on about it), and then I remembered I was going to see them in October and got all excited and listened to Absolution absurdly loudly when I was alone in the house, 'singing' all the way. 

Several albums later, including last but most definitely not least (such is the point of this post) Showbiz, I remembered how good the album actually is. When I've thought about it before, its always been 'an ok album, not their best, but with a few good tracks.' Then I realise that, when I list those good tracks to myself, that they make up three-quarters of the album, and that the rest is still awesome. Dare I say it, its better than The Resistance.

I've got a notion I've already done a post to this effect, but meh. Plz Muuse, we can haz moar noo moosics?

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