Monday, 14 January 2013


3 big bits of news from the Bring Me The Horizon camp for you today.

Jordan Fish: the guy on the right.

  1. Their new album Sempiternal will be out April 29th, and if you wing it on over to you can pre-order the badger. Here, badger means album, in an unnecessary metaphor. 
  2. Ladies and gentlemen, Jona Weinhofen has left the building. In a revealing statement earlier today, the band said "Bring Me The Horizon are Oliver Sykes, Lee Malia, Matthew Kean, Matthew Nicholls and Jordan Fish. Jona Weinhofen is no longer in the band." and so far, the loveable Aussie has said nothing on the matter. The only thing I've seen regarding the matter is Jona's Tumblr, in which he has taken 'Bring Me The Horizon' out of his description, leaving only 'I Killed The Prom Queen'. If I had to take an educated guess, I would say that he has switched focus to IKTPQ, but that is merely my speculation. I'll update when I know something. But new six-stringer Jordan Fish, of the band Worship, is part of BMTH as of now, and so will play in all the tour dates I'm about to tell you about.
  3. Guess what? Tour dates! You'd never have known if I hadn't told you, I bet. They're playing 8 dates from April 29th through May 7th as follows;
    29 - MANCHESTER Academy II
    30 - NEWCASTLE University 
    01 - INVERNESS Ironworks
    02 - GLASGOW ABC
    04 - PORTSMOUTH Pyramids
    05 - CARDIFF Solus
    06 - WOLVERHAMPTON Wulfrun Hall
    07 - LONDON Koko
    (Thanks to for the formatted tour dates)
So there's todays BMTH update. 

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