Friday, 11 January 2013


So, the Welshmen released the video for their new single Riot today, taken from forthcoming album Temper Temper.
I really can't seem to like their new stuff. granted, I was never a particularly avid fan, but they did have some bloody great songs. But this, as well as previous single and album title track Temper Temper, are pretty pants. 

A photo of me after listening.
Riot is pretty diluted as far as metal goes - the lyrical theme of urban rebellion has been done to death, and the lyrics themselves break down no boundary walls (pardon the pun. Actually, don't) by merit of being predictable and unimaginative; Here come the sirens, here comes the law / Run from the sirens, run from the law for example. Oh, and the inclusion of the word fucking in the verse just seems crow-barred in for the hell of it, there's no strength behind it. And the chorus. RIOT! WHOAH-OH-OHH! (repeat) It's just boring, guys. And my last beef with the song comes from the 'riff', which is just a dull open, palm-muted chug with a little twiddle. The solo's ok, but that's about it. 

So be interesting again, BFMV. I've had it with this edgeless metal. Temper Temper is pretty poor for many of the same reasons too.

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