Thursday, 30 May 2013


Come in. I'll take your coat, you make yourself comfortable. Take a look around, why don't you? No, I'm not referencing you, Fred Durst.

So. You may notice there has been at theNOISE. Well, not theNOISE. In a style befitting of Pokemon*, I have evolved the blog into YESTHISISNOISE. Newly re-designed layout, and to come, the things I did before - reviews, news and the odd opinion or personal piece. But I've decided to scrap my prior ratings system for reviews, so there will no longer be stars or '/10' marks, just the written part. Because I think that no rating system can truly capture something; reviewing is a subjective process, and ratings systems, in my mind, distort the true opinion of the review. God I sound pretentious.

But anyway, I hope the new layout is more pleasing to the eye than the black and white lark I had going on before, and as with my last post, remember...don't look, just keep your eyes peeled. New stuff coming very soon...

*not really

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