Friday, 28 December 2012


Let there be no ado about this - a brief countdown of my top 10 songs from this year, more or less rated on how addicted to them I got. Set? Let's dive in.

The first we heard from The 2nd Law, containing (in my opinion) one of the best bits of music Muse have ever written (in the middle section), and all told a breathtaking live intro.

9. The Chariot; FIRST
The highlight of my 10/10 rated album from the mental metalcore pioneers. Metal x spaghetti western is all I'll say. Genius.
8. Rolo Tomassi; OLD MYSTICS
Full to the brim of shredtacular riffs and general brilliance.
 7. Parkway Drive; DARK DAYS
Brooding from the start, a killer riff, some brutal breakdowns and powerful vocals, it's PWD at their best.
6. Biffy Clyro; STINGIN' BELLE
A joyously triumphant song, and that's before the bagpipes come in. It's just awesome.
5. While She Sleeps; SEVEN HILLS
Everything that makes WSS good - heavy power with melody, emotion and an anthemic chorus.
4. Enter Shikari; GANDHI MATE, GANDHI
An absolute gem that continues to set ES apart. Dubsteppy beats, hardcore breakdowns and a classic Rou rant.
3. Marmozets; GOOD DAYS
I'd have settled for a song's worth of the opening sexalicious bass hook, but no, everything's awesome too. Way to keep getting better, guys.
2. Baroness; EULA
Lyrically clever, beautifully complex; an outstanding song.
A rousing, intentionally ridiculous but brilliant piece of Olympic bombasticness.
So, something Marmozets didn't win? I am still in possession of most of my marbles. Butt I just loved Survival so much, it was over-the-top, inspiring, but at the same time almost a pastiche of itself. The perfect Olympic theme, and a microcosm of why Muse are modern prog rock/the natural successors to the mighty Queen.

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