Thursday, 27 December 2012

TOP 5 EPs OF 2012

Getting into the meaty bit of my mighty awards season now, into EPs/mini-albums (but come on, they're just longer EPs, really). I've heard a good few this year, and though I didn't get many reviews out for them, I'm doing something anyway. So here goes...


5. Cold Summer; WAKE
ReviewWell-developed mix of post-hardcore and rock stylings.
4. Blitz Kids; NEVER DIE
Big, inspirational rock, though seems to lack a little of their earlier quirky flair.

3. Voragan; CHAOS DREAMS
Ambitious and well-formed first release from fledgling melodic death metal quartet.

Intelligent and complex twiddly goodness from visionary guitarist Javier Reyes, of Animals As Leaders/TRAM fame.

1. Marmozets; VEXED
Unpredictable, mental and downright genius from the future of the UK's punk/rock scene.
So, chalk up Marmozets' second theNOISE award, to go with their Best Live Band gong, prizes that are uber-valuable and worth their weight in Unobtanium. So I just made this, and will shortly be adding an appropriate one to the Live Band post (click on Best Live Band above to be zipped straight there); I hereby award Marmozets with theNOISE's 2012 Best EP/Mini-Album Trophy. Or a NOISY, if you prefer. It'll totally catch on, just you wait.

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